Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Age and Elvis

Biking into the University I looked right in preparation for a complicated street crossing. I saw a man driving a slightly battered black car. He was very heavy set, corpulent even, and sunk so low in the driver's seat that I wondered if the original bucket seat had worn away and been replaced with an old, legless easy chair. The man had big sideburns, wide, dark sunglasses, was smoking a cigarette, and possessed something I can only describe as presence.

He looked exactly like Elvis. Exactly.

"Oh my god!" I thought. "It's Elvis!"

But my place in time corrected me. This man was at most in his late forties. I did a brief, rough calculation and thought "If Elvis were alive today, he'd be dead."


  1. I believe it was Ralph Waldo Emerson you saw. He has been making his way across the United States.

    1. The whole United States? By himself?????

      Gosh, he sure is self reliant!

  2. He is indeed! And he likes to thoreau opening day pitches at baseball games.

    1. Oh, think I heard about that. I understand in Milwaukee he was hit in the mouth with a baseball and chipped a tooth. Emerson, unfortunately, is allergic to Novocaine. Luckily there was a dentist down the street who uses hypnosis to control the pain. So Emerson headed over there to the trancing dentalist.


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