Friday, January 22, 2016

Saffron in the break room

The subject of disliked foods came up one day with a couple of my colleagues in the break room. One of them disliked papaya. She said she felt slightly guilty not liking papaya. I wondered at the things we don't like that we try to like, that in some way we know we should like. I have known people who have a real love of good, real food, but somehow just don't like blue cheese. How strange and mystifying. I myself don't like much the taste of saffron. I can't figure it out. I have tried a thousand foods that people said were good, trustworthy people, people of good judgement, and they were right all along. What makes saffron different? I know it should be good to me, but it isn't particularly. 

I mentioned all this to my colleagues. 

"You don't like saffron!" They cried. "How can you not like saffron?"

And I thought the strangest thing: 

I have really got to stop having so many opinions.

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