Saturday, July 30, 2016

Aphorism all by itself

My deep seated aversion to Twitter has been fully activated lately. This is because day after day I am thinking of aphorisms. Aphorisms! Isn't that just an old fashioned word for "Tweet"?

Of course I also have an aversion to the Internet and to those little phones that so many people like to creepily caress with their thumbs. 

So I cope.

And how I cope with writing aphorisms is I group them together in a more robust package, or I build a whole essay around the aphorism so that you don't even know that it was all for the aphorism, or I write a two blog standard's weight worth of introductory comments. 

When I think of all these aphorisms I am tempted to plop them down all alone as wee short blog posts, especially these days when I am just barely keeping up with my rigorous publishing schedule. But it feels like that would be tweeting. Did I say tweeting? I meant to say cheating. So I have instead employed one of my three methods for presenting aphorisms.

Would you like to guess which method I am using today?

No, alas, I only have one aphorism on me at the moment.

No, if you pour back over my previous comments you will find nothing of quotable value and you will find that the forthcoming aphorism is actually incredibly unrelated to these comments.

Yes! You've got it. You must have used your word scale. This, this is exactly two blog standard's weight worth of introductory comments!

And now for the completely unrelated in every way (I am seriously not kidding) aphorism. Like all my recent aphorisms it is inspired by our political season, but like any good aphorism it attempts to travel on from there.

I hope you find it was worth the wait:

When you fire into a crowd you will kill someone you would not dream of hurting.

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