Monday, July 18, 2016

Ten common shelving errors

Below I have listed the ten most common errors made in shelving.

"But hey!" You cry out. "I don't shelve books. I just come here for instructions on how to live my life."

Don't worry. Everything you ever read here is an allegory for something vastly larger and more important.

The Ten Most Common Shelving Errors

1. Shelving books by placing a stack of them face up on an open area of shelving.

Comments: Books are to be placed in order, on end, with the spine facing out.

"But that's so slow!" You exclaim, gesticulating wildly.

And this brings me to a crucial point:

Shelving is not a sprint. It is an ultra marathon. The key is not speed, but the ability to endure pain.

Whoa! I know there were supposed to be ten, but I think I should quit today while I'm ahead.

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