Friday, November 18, 2016

Funnier than me

I was looking at my work email and saw some more news from the County (my employer) about some racial equity initiative they've got going, or maybe it was about some racial equity award that they'd given to themselves, or maybe it was both. To tell you the truth since the recent election of a racist to the Presidency I've noticed an uptick in our local government commitments to racial equity programs and diversity.

This made me think of a joke. I like to share all jokes that I think of with my co-workers. The jokes don't have to be funny. That would be setting the bar too high. It's more about inclusivity, or rehearsing, or something. So I raced over to an amenable co-worker and said "I have noticed that we are cramming in, since the election, every racial equity and pro diversity thing we can think of in preparation for the new President. I think we're trying to pedal as fast as we can to get up to speed so that we can simply coast for four years."

My clever co-worker wryly replied "That should work. It'll all be downhill."

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