Tuesday, September 11, 2018

I try to insult deaf people

By some weird coincidence I helped a lot of deaf people out at the front desk of the library today. Being of a loquacious nature I went through a ton of post it notes to do so. I also used the one bit of sign language I remember, "Thank you" which I use to mean "You're welcome" because it's the only bit of sign language I remember. Because I am writing on the Internet I looked up how to say "You're welcome" in sign language and recognized it immediately because I have now looked it up 137 times. But this time different clips kept playing until someone explained that "Thank you" in sign language is perfectly fine for how we use "You're welcome" in English.

I have been doing it right all along!

I registered a deaf woman and her son. I handed something to a deaf lady.  And I also located some materials for a deaf man and directed him to them.

Now if I were a deaf person,

If I were a deaf person going to a library,

If  I  were a deaf person,

I wouldn't be able to hear anything.

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