Monday, May 13, 2019


On an exquisite Spring Sunday morning, with the fluffy clouds full but dancing around the cheerful sun and sharing space harmoniously with the clear blue sky, I gazed out upon a bright green golf course, almost entirely recovered now from a wild Winter. No one was playing golf. However, crowded into a little area a hole over from me, all the golfers were assiduously practicing on the driving range.

"Hey," I wanted to yell, "The course is wide open. Why don't a couple of you try playing."

But they were too far away. Which is probably for the best.

So I looked to that brilliant sky. A couple Turkey Vultures rode the thermals in great, slow circles. They tottered unevenly in the air, just sort of practicing their flying, testing it all out. When they feel like they're good enough then they'll fly for real. It'll really be something to see. Just you wait.

So, all right, if that's the way it's going to be, I can play along. This isn't my real blog post for the day. I just thought I'd work on my sentences for a change, maybe practice some adverbs like 'harmoniously' and 'unevenly'. This is the kind of committed groundwork that will make it so that when, tomorrow, I write a real blog post it will be... 

about the same as it ever is.


  1. The language of turkey vultures! Yes, how fun!

    I was recently writing about how, once in a while, a vulture would have lost one or several feathers, so the the viewing (a person or another animal) could see a gap in the bird's wing, and some sky through the gap. Nevertheless, the vulture is able to fly and seems unconcerned.

    1. I feel like I've seen scraggly turkey vultures out in the west, but here in Minnesota all the wild animals are glossy, fat, and perfect! It's true of plants too- kind of a nature aesthetic.


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