Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Back on the bike

Biking season has returned to The Twin Cities. Not that it exactly left. There are bikes with big fat tires nowadays, and there are people who refuse to let the world say "no" to their bikes. But I rely upon the city bikeshare program. And it has a season. And that season corresponds roughly to:

Is there snow?

Do you think it's about to snow?

Is it weird that there's no snow?

If you answered "No" to all these questions then it's bike season!

Bike season, yay! I can leave our apartment later than usual for work! Or, more accurately, so far this Spring, I can leave the same time I always do and yet not be terribly late for once.

Instead of run-walking to work I say to myself "I'll just grab a bike!"

I grab a bike.

I haven't been on a bike for almost six months!

Minute one:  This is so fast and fun and easy and joyful!

Minute two:  Oh my god my thigh muscles hurt so much!

Minute three: Will this ever be over?

For myself the big adjustment comes when I am pedaling along as fast as I can. My back hurts. I can't take a deep breath. My hands burn with the cold. I feel nauseous. And I think:

I can go really slow if I want.

And I go really slow. I pedal gently. I catch my breath. I observe my surroundings. Did you know that the Magnolias are blooming?

Well sure, I know that now.

And I think:

Even still, I am going far faster than when I walk.

Well, a little faster.

And though I am going way, way, way slower than when I drive,

I am not murdering the planet. 

Which gives one a warm feeling. Which is useful when biking around here in the Spring.

Because it is 41 degrees out! 

And raining.

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