Thursday, May 9, 2019

Turkey Vultures

This Spring has been full of Turkey Vultures. Storms of them totter in the volatile Mississippi River air. Single ones circle the bright sky pretending they are serious and looking for a meal.

They're not.

They just like flying.

You laugh, but, oh, wouldn't you, fly?

In the morning I sit down and write my blog posts about libraries or Republicans or Picasso or butter or soccer or love, and I look up into the sky to calibrate my heart, and I see Turkey Vultures.

So eventually I thought I should probably write some blog posts about Turkey Vultures. 

Once that big decision was made I considered the matter; there are an awful lot of things to say about Turkey Vultures! There are too many things to say about Turkey Vultures. And no one has said them.

So I revised up. I will write 600 blog posts about Turkey Vultures.

This is the first one.


  1. That would be wonderful! I have always been fond of them. We have many here in Ventura County. They are so consistent!

    1. I have missed you and was so delighted at your comment that I quickly worked it into an (upcoming) blog post!

      I do think of them as THE bird of my Southern California days. Here they get a little overshadowed by the Bald Eagles, something I'm redressing with 600 (or so) blog posts!

      As a cousinish aside, Have you ever seen a California Condor out there in the wild? I've always rather dreamed of such a thing and you are maybe in their territory?

  2. I am sad to say that I have not seen one in the wild, unless it was unknown to me. Yes, they are in fact in the Sespe Wilderness, about 10 miles away from this computer. I can't wait for the integration of my comment into a (upcoming) blog post!

    I thought of you the other day because I tuned into Barca Liverpool game. It was the second one. I don't want to talk about it any more.

    1. Right, the Sespe. I feel like I looked that up and read about even lo those many long years ago- before you even moved to the area. It's exciting just the thought that you are so close! I imagine that if you even casually saw a California Condor it would be unmistakable because of the whole "My god! What is that thing? It's huge!" But perhaps I have exaggerated the experience in my mind.

      As to the Barca thing, thank you. I can barely talk about it myself and still wake up in the middle of the night pierced with a fretful agony. It has made me question following sports of any kind as it has so profoundly shifted the cumulative pleasure/pain balance.

      I have other things to say to you and exciting propositions, but I will take them off the air.


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