Thursday, May 30, 2019

Your daily golf quote

I'm not sure if the main golf hole I watch is a par three or a par four. I don't see the start of it, just the ball introducing itself by bouncing down the hill, hitting either the fairway, the rough to the side, or, surprisingly rarely, that bunker full of sand, but it's never the green. I have never seen the ball appear and make the green all at once. People only appear after the ball. Then they hit the ball onto the green from sort of nearby. Then they miss the putt. Occasionally they miss another putt.

This is golfer after golfer after golfer. I have a sneaking suspicion that I have never seen a golfer make par on this hole.

There all these golfers are out on the driving range, hitting one ball after another on into the night. There these same golfers are playing their round on a beautiful day, or in the rain, or in the wind, or as lightning tries to strike them dead.

Good for them. Many of these golfers are intrepid. I admire that.


If practice made perfect there would be a lot of better golfers.

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