Sunday, August 4, 2019

In the forest of threes: part two

Yesterday we learned that everything comes in threes.

It's amazing. Everything does indeed come in threes, because, you know, as soon as you have something, anything, you can pretty well group it with something else, so long as you're willing to apply any effort to it, because everything has something in common with something else. And once you've done that bit of work you can always find another one to complete your set. So that's three, which is the number everything comes in. And then if there's an obvious fourth one that you can't avoid it's just a matter of time, with that many, before another two come along and you're on safe ground once again. Whew!

But what if there's a whole bunch of stuff all at once, way more than three? Well, it merely means that you're not grouping things correctly. A simple illustration can be made with colors or clouds. We can sit here naming colors or clouds for hours and never get to the end of it. But they're just iterations of the three colors. Red, Yellow, Blue. And the three cloud types. Cirrus, Cumulus, and Stratus. And the reason there are three colors and three clouds is because there are three of everything. Just three. Only three. Three.

And for my third proof that everything comes in three, well, for the life of me I can't think of one.

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