Friday, January 27, 2023

Annual Feedback Form


Thank you for taking part in Clerkmanifesto's Annual Feedback Form.

This form will only take you a few minutes to complete. 

Unless you do the whole thing. Then it will take longer. 

Also reading the instructions will add a significant amount of time. But due to the sunk cost fallacy you're already halfway there so you might as well finish.

I mean: Almost halfway through the first part of the first section, just to be accurate.

Many people ask us:

"Why would I want to take up my time unrenumerated to answer questions that are strictly to your benefit?"

To which I can only say:

It's not unrenumerated!

It's "unremunerated".

Shall we move right along then?

A. Wait, is that the first question?

B. I'm not ready yet. I don't have my number two pencil!

C. Who do I contact to "opt out"?

D. Argh! You tricked me into starting!

Please enter the choice that best reflects your responses to last year's Clerkmanifesto Annual Feedback form:

A. Mostly C's and D's I think.

B. I've done a little research and your last "annual" feedback form was 4/15/19! I have been waiting almost four years now!

C. At this point I can only remember answering anything that I thought would win me a Visa Gift Card.

D. This is a ridiculous feedback form. I would quit right now if I hadn't already put so much effort into it!

How do you best like to read Clerkmanifesto?

A. While drinking and driving.

B. I don't know if this counts, but I best like to reflect upon Clerkmanifesto posts in my head while I'm tying to fall asleep.

C. At work, so I can stick it to the man!

D. Reading Clerkmanifesto isn't really my thing. I'm more of a "Survey" guy.

If you could name one thing you would like to see on Clerkmanifesto, what would it be?

A. I wish that when you have multiple choice surveys instead of using numbered answer choices you switched to a capital letters format.

B. Not to be a copycat but I wish that when you have multiple choice surveys instead of using numbered answer choices you switched to a capital letters format.

C. I would like an opportunity to round up my payment in each blog post to contribute to some positive sounding non profit that is mostly about paying the staff of the non profit.

D. The one thing I would like in Clerkmanifesto is a little more humbleness... from everyone else! Because you, Sir, are one stone cold bonafide genius!

In conclusion please add the following content to the "other comments" section as if I wrote them in myself.

A. A roughly sketched stick figure of a person wearing some kind of hat.

B. A poorly worded request from a Russian Bot that asks you to visit some bizarre website that no one would ever be interested in.

C. Anything that might make me look thoughtful and engaged.

D. An ambiguous, handwritten "Thanx".

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