Friday, June 14, 2024



They say that a cracked rib takes two to six weeks to heal. So after eight or nine days I tried to go back to work. 

It didn't go so well.

In a couple more days after you read this I'll try to take another stab at wage labor.

As I write I am closer to two weeks into my healing now, and today I am a bit better, but I wouldn't describe my improvement so far as steady. It sort of wanders around.

I spent a lot of the morning working on my mad scientist grafted songs, including Bob Dylan singing about drinking with clerkmanifesto. But as compelling as I find it to graft the head of a raccoon onto the body of a walleye, I'm pretty sure it's unwholesome. My response to this aberration of the natural course of things is along the lines of "This is remarkable! I can't believe such a thing is even possible! And look at me, I can do it." 

But I can freely see that a more natural response might be "Ew."

So I think I'll dial all that stuff back a little bit for now, and maybe include it in an optional footnote sort of way here for the people who are like "But wait, can the raccoon swim underwater?"

Maybe all this expression of humanity comes from experiencing a day in which, for several ten-minute periods, my rib cage didn't really hurt. It's very encouraging. Maybe it makes me want to wholesomely make all my own things from scratch.

Like this little post I wrote and that you have almost finished reading.

Yes, you're nearly there.

Good job.

No, not yet, hold on...

And there you go.


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