Thursday, December 19, 2013

Another blog you might enjoy

A quiet night at the front desk of the Library. Christmas season mellows things out around here. My co-worker was very excited about a new book by a famous blogger that had come in for her. It's a very amusing blogger, but I won't be sharing this blogger's name with you in a fit of jealous pique.

Oh, do you want a quality blogger recommendation from me?


Oops, sorry. I sometimes suffer from malarial like outbreaks of fame deficit syndrome. I'm okay now. I feel much better.

Anyway, I was looking at this blogger's book, on a quiet night at the front desk, and just as I was starting to rather like the book against all my petty inclinations I had a weird feeling that I should look up. So I did. Forty seven people were patiently waiting in line watching me read.

Yes, that's the whole story.

If you're unsatisfied with it you might like that other famous blogger better. What was her name again?


  1. The blog world has become inundated with so much crap lately. Around 2008-09 it really began going downhill with everyone trying to promote themselves or products (or books...). Everybody began writing about the same old shit (food, fashion, fitness, babies,...) and, still, everyone continues stroking each other's ego whether they really deserve it or not. Suddenly every blogger thinks they can make it to celebrity blogger status by further self-promotion, clogging up social networking sites with their mundanity! I like your blog because it approaches the (somewhat) mundane lives we all live (or at least the ones we live in the library) in a unique, creative, observant, and humorous way. I kind of wish to keep it on the DL so all the possible admiration that could come your way does not go to your head and you go on to publish a book and everyone'll think you're so awesome, you'll reach Grumpy Cat stardom... I admit if it ever does reach that point, I will be annoyed and stop reading this blog! ;) I like the simplicity and anonymity of your blog as well because it harkens back to "the good old days" when blogs were about observing, communicating, and expressing one's self rather than self-promotion, making a sale, or accumulating a following. Keep it up! You'll find your true followers. Your true followers will find you!

    1. Hi. Sorry that it took me seven years to respond to your comment. It's a new record. In the olden days there were a couple periods where I didn't respond to comments, but since then I've become scrupulous about it.

      Thank you for your comment.

      I do so hope you are still reading my blog. But alas, your prediction and fears were cofirmed: The fame and adulation went horribly to my head!

      For that I apologize.

  2. P.S. from Anonymous: Every once in a while I accidentally come across some really interesting blogs. Here is one that I stumbled upon doing a basic search for (oddly enough) "Brain Salad Surgery" and loved:

  3. Fame Deficit Syndrome?, Good Heavens!
    Why isn't Kafka there to help you through these "spells"?
    I'm shocked, SHOCKED And dismayed I tell you! Especially knowing how sensitive you are.


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