Saturday, July 26, 2014

Why blog

Yesterday I accidentally voiced the question "Why must this blog be written?"

Then I accidentally mentioned something about how I might answer that question today.

Why why why do I say these things and then make rash promises on my blog?!

Perhaps I can answer that tomorrow. Yes! I will answer that tomorrow!

Today we are answering the question of why this blog must be written.

We feel that this blog itself is its own answer to the question of why it must be written. Furthermore we don't actually have an answer to why it must be written. Though even as you read this a circle is closed. It must be written because you have come to this exact spot in the universe. Everything that is happening in the universe at this moment is a kind of destiny.

Yes, that is a horrible answer too.

To be honest, I despaired of any proper answer for any of this until I remembered the blogger's holy grail, the most powerful explanatory force in the universe. Yes, I remembered the ten-item list.

Why Must This Blog Be Written

1. I know that one is not supposed to scratch an itch, but just you try it!

2. Without this blog the library I work at would seem to consist of a random series of incidents rather than a cohesive narrative building to a brilliant, world saving conclusion.

3. This small blog, read by just a few dozen people, is all that prevents the Internet from collapsing in on itself and becoming a black hole of knowledge and wisdom, sucking everything in the world down into its absolute darkness of overwhelming, runaway gravity.

4. I would lose the one stylish reason I have for drinking coffee.

5. All my paying attention would devolve into gawking.

6. I am under a geas. Unfortunately the laws of the geas prevent me from explaining the specific nature of this geas. I'm not sure then if this counts as a legitimate explanation.

7.  Oh, they'd like it plenty if I didn't write this blog!

8. Yes, fire burns, but it also illuminates. Which is my way of saying I am still just a bit afraid of the dark.

9. I took a holy vow to write the mega blog post of enlightenment. Each post, even this one, is part of my quest. One day I will write that post.

10. I sort of hate to say it, but if you don't know by now you never will.


  1. Scratching an itch is just fine in my book.

    1. Excellent, because I just got a mosquito bite on my wrist and I can't stop.

      It's starting to bleed though. Maybe this is one of those "Moderation" things that I have such a hard time with.


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