Monday, July 28, 2014

Why I will see a moose

Reeling from a wilderness sea kayaking trip 14 years ago to see killer whales that mysteriously never showed up, I have been leery of pinning my hopes, in any trip, on seeing any particular sort of animal. And so, last year, when I was on a trip to the North Woods, I had no expectations. 

But then I started dreaming of mooses.

Oh sure, at first it was all just an excuse to use the word "mooses" as often as possible on my blog, and that was sustaining for awhile. But then all that pretend peering into the shrubbery started to get to me. I started to wonder "Hey, what if I actually saw a moose?" And with that the fever started a slow burn.

Last year I did not see a moose, though I did suspect that the mooses were watching me from places of concealment. "That's okay, let them acclimate." I thought. With my return to the North Woods this year they will hopefully recognize me. Perhaps they will take me for a friend. And if you'll think about your own relationships with your friends I think you will note that, even if you are hiding from your friend in the shrubbery, eventually you are inclined to pop out, brush yourself off, and say "Hey, nice to see you." 

I see no reason that a moose would differ on this account.

Am I setting myself up for disappointment?

Yes, absolutely. But I think that avoiding disappointment is dangerous, while setting oneself up for disappointment is brave, and magical, and quixotic, and very, very, very attractive to moose.

Wish me luck.

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