Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Random notes from the library

Random notes from the library:

It's almost like twitter around here today!

1. An old man called to renew a book. I asked him for the barcode number off of his library card. He read me the library's phone number.

2. We got a box of temporary tattoos in for a kid's event. The tattoos say "Read", a commandment that, when viewed, is fulfilled.

3. I saw The Dapper Man, who restlessly roams the genre fiction section making cell phone calls all day, complain (politely) to a woman in a study room that her cell phone call was disturbing him.

4. The library coffee shop, called Dunn Brothers, is now selling disposable, one shot coffee pods. Their orwellian advertising campaign? "Less Waste".


  1. I see myself in #1. Glad to know there are others like me who roam the earth.

    1. That's very positive! I tend to see myself in #3, but have trouble making peace with that one.


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