Friday, October 2, 2015

Humor in hell

On my morning walk I was headed through the University. Four University facilities guys were gathered around some sort of portable generator thing. In the tradition of facilities guys they were shooting the breeze. At the moment I was walking past them one of these guys took his chance and said to the group "Hey, you wanna hear something funnier than hell?"

I am not shy about making bold, self-regarding statements around here. I enjoy batting around "genius" and "prophet of god" like they're mere cat toys. I might start off an occasional blog post mid wave on a surge of confidence. But I cannot imagine being so terribly bold, so profoundly sure of the power of what I have to say, as this guy. I could say a lot, but I could never dare to say "Hey, you wanna hear something funnier than hell?"

I had places to be, and so I kept walking. I did not linger for the funnier than hell story. I'm sorry if you were sold on his optimistic preview and were dying to hear it. I did hear him say "My daughter and her..." as I was moving away, and then, when I was far, far beyond them I heard a high, loud laugh, a lone laugh carrying across the campus. I was certain somehow that it was the laugh of the person who told the story.

Don't set the bar so high man. And funnier that hell? There's nothing funny about hell. It's the land of eternal torments. 

Huh, maybe he set the bar too low. 


  1. Could you please, on behalf of all your readers, return to that place and seek out that group and have the funnier than hell story be told here on your blog? I want to know! I need to know! Please. Maybe you can ask the university president for a list of all the facilities guys? Please, FC, please! I mean, please can you do that?

    1. A bunch of extremely devout Christians are sitting around at bible camp telling their all time favorite jokes. The first one, a minister, tells a hilarious joke and everyone laughs and compliments her. The second one also tells a very funny joke and everyone laughs. The third super religious camper tells a joke so funny that everyone is rolling on the ground in hysterics afterwards. Finally the fourth one tells a joke about an angel farting and everyone just looks at him.

      "That's not funny, dude" One of them says quietly.

      The guy turns beet red and yells "Well it's funnier than hell!!!"


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