Sunday, January 29, 2017

For the price of one

Here are two true life comedy shorts from the front desk of my library. Why two? Well, partly because they're so short, and also because I'm hoping you'll allow the amount of humor in them to be cumulative. What'd you say? Like if joke A. is a three out of ten, and joke B. is a four out of ten, they get to just be a seven out of ten, you know, all together.

Splendid then. They really are pretty funny when you add the modest amount of humor in each of them in a cumulative manner.

The first one is about how talkative I can be at the front desk. I can get pretty loquacious. And nowhere was this more evident to me than tonight when a deaf woman with her small daughter came to me at our service desk. It really was only a few minutes to take care of everything, but as I said, I can get very talkative. By the time I finished helping her replace her lost library card from another system I was up to my knees in post it notes.

That last part there was the joke.

You'll need to remember to add the following humor on top of what has taken place, rather than starting from scratch. Don't worry if you don't feel you have a tremendous amount of humor to start with. We're stacking.

A man came to me at the front desk of the library.

"Hello" He said. "I'm teaching tonight's class on identity theft."

"That's odd." I replied. "The person in here just before you said the same thing."

Eventually I had to add "That's a joke." 

Which sort of expresses how this whole night feels.

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