Sunday, January 8, 2017


When I was in Disneyworld a few years ago I narrowly passed up buying a very cute giraffe headband. It had giraffe ears and those little giraffe horns called ossicones. This was in the week before Halloween and would have gone very well with a giraffe pattern knee length coat, not that I had one of those. In the months to come I thought about that headband sometimes. So when my local co-op had a giraffe themed winter hat, with brown dots on yellow and a nice pair of ossicones I bought it right up. I'm wearing it now.

I don't wear my giraffe hat too often though. This is possibly because a man in his fifties only feels fey and whimsical every so often, about once every two weeks, and even then he has to feel fey in a giraffy sort of way, which is complicated. Luckily today is that sort of day. 

Plus my other winter hats are in the wash.

What I am always wishing is that, when I wear my giraffe hat, someone will ask me "Why are you wearing a giraffe hat?" In fact, if you ever see me wearing a giraffe hat please go ahead and ask me why.

I, happily, will get to answer:  "Because I like to think it makes me look taller."

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