Tuesday, April 25, 2017


In my endless pursuit of understanding I have come to see how it might be hard, in some ways, to be my work manager. I just must seem so... relaxed. And there are so many points in any day where I don't merely appear to not be working, but I look like I'm enjoying myself as well. And even when technically I must be working it can be hard to ever see it happening with the naked eye.

I think I would have a hard time with this as a manager which is why I have endeavored never to become a manager. One makes their bed...

I am a manual transmission worker. And even then it might be best if I had merely the four gears, or five. That would be so much simpler for any manager to handle. My manual transmission has 119 gears, with three clutches. You think I don't understand the trials of others in relation to this? Of course I do! It is absurdly complex! Even I don't understand the half of it.

Which is why I have been writing this user manual. Four years, 1,500 entries, and we're only beginning to make headway on the introduction. I'm a universe.

Just like you, or anyone else. Don't you forget it.


  1. 1500 entries, eh? Congratulations on the landmark! And trust me, you are right to avoid being a manager.

  2. Thank you, though I was being a bit general in that regard. The total is 1541 as of this, just, you know, in case you wanted to check it against how many you remember so far.

    Thanks for the positive confirmation, though I have a certain skepticism anyone would have been so eager had I felt otherwise.


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