Sunday, April 30, 2017

Third time lucky

I come today to report on books. No, these are not recommendations, but merely three random encounters I had while shelving in our non-fiction area. While these are all me making wild snap judgements, I present these judgements without judgement. If you think that's all too cushy for me then you're welcome to go ahead and judge me yourself. Good luck with that.

The first book I came upon was called When Children and Teens Pray. And what I thought of was "When children and teens pray something is extremely fishy."

The second book was called Confessions of a Reluctant Ghost Hunter. At that one I thought "There is no way that there is any ghost hunter in the world who came by it against their inclinations, reluctantly. There is no one out there saying to someone "Why would you, with your special and natural skills at spotting spectral phenomenon, throw that all away to become a Dentist!""

The third book was a Ripley's Believe it or Not. I had no thoughts on it so I opened it to a random page. There was a story about a person on a long car trip who hit a coyote but kept driving, assuming he had killed it. After 500 miles of cross country travel he realized there was a coyote trapped in the front grill-work of his car. There was even a photo in the book of this coyote, still trapped in the grill after 500 miles of high speed travel. He looked very tired and very sunburned. When they pried him out though, he just ran away.

I am still thinking about that one.

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