Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Future tech

Ten years from now a little tour of our big automated self check in machine is under way at my library. Being something of an aficionado of the machine I am asked to wade in. And so I began explaining:

"As the conveyer belts carry the returned library materials they scan them here for their constituent materials. When the items run under this section microbots dissolve the threads and binders in the book or case. When the returned library item comes to this heavy looking set of rollers the object is sucked in and broken down into assorted raw parts. It is, so to speak digested, with the book or dvd completely destroyed, but with all but a few trace elements prepared for reuse later.

Later comes when a patron requests or selects a book at one of our terminals or online. Then this same machine, at this construction module here, 3D assembles the book using a unique combination of 3D Printing tech and conventional high speed laser printing. The new book or AV material is then propelled down the line, spray labeled, and sorted into one of these bins here according to patron last name."

There are no questions. 

Yeah, they've seen it all before.

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