Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 New Year's resolution for us all

Recently the librarian in charge of the themed book display cubes at my library was collecting books for "New Year Resolutions". Because I was loitering, or shelving, or whatever, in the non fiction section at the time, I pitched in on the project for a bit. It quickly became apparent that the whole field of New Year's Resolutions, while certainly self-improving in focus, is also rather negative. The books I collected, or that were being collected, said "Lose weight", "eat better", "exercise", "be happy", "learn a hobby", "get organized" and "start managing your money properly". And all of that's fine, but it also has a way of saying "you are currently a fat, unhealthy, depressed, broke person who is a mess that fritters all your time away on nothing!". We managed to throw some "travel the world" books into this sea of negativity, but then those books simply salted the wounds with "and you never do anything or go anywhere!"


Well the buck stops here, at clerkmanifesto. Cast away whatever cruel New Year's Resolutions you have drunkenly assembled in the run up to this new year. This is not the time for Yankee can do. I have your New Year's Resolution for you for 2020. All you need to do is trust me.

New Year's Resolution, 2020:

You who have accomplished so much, if ever there was a time to coast...

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