Tuesday, June 1, 2021

There comes a time


There comes a time in everyone's life where they must write a blog post. For some people this happens but the one time, or even a little bit less. For me it has happened 3,100 times. So maybe I don't accord it the same gravity with which I once did.

On the other hand maybe I always accorded this little gravity to my blog posts. Maybe my blog posts have all the gravity of the moon! Maybe they


as if




Or, wait, get this: Maybe blog posts are like base hits in professional baseball. Did you know that it is widely considered that if one gets 3,000 hits in a major league baseball career one is guaranteed a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame, baseball's greatest, most sought after honor? 

Maybe now that I have written over 3,000 blog posts my legacy is assured, and I am merely burnishing my legacy.

But the wise reader counters:

Ah, but a base hit on the moon has so much less value, for the ball travels farther at the slightest touch.

Let us think on this a while, as the ball flies.

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