Monday, November 8, 2021

Mischief revived


You may have noticed I have been making fewer photos with famous fictional characters hanging out in my library lately. Nevertheless, while sorting through my photos the other day, I decided to print out a few dozen of the better of these whimsical pictures, and put them up somewhere as close as possible to the scene they portray.

So today I did just that. Starting with about twenty pictures, at about snapshot size, I posted them around the library. There's a picture of a bewildered Charlie Brown standing near one of our green book cubes right where the original shot was taken, Dan riding a moose down the staircase is on the bannister, and Mr. Putter reaching for a high up book is on the end cap of the row he is browsing in. Most are taped up with removable double stick tape, but some are in little free standing acrylic frames, like the one with Morticia knitting in the magazine area that sits on top of one of our magazine display cubes.

To me they're so noticeable it makes me feel I'm overdoing it, but I'm not sure anyone has actually noticed any of them yet. I do like them though, which inspired me to put together a few more pictures of areas where I might like to post new pictures.

So in case you don't get round to my library here are a some new ones I've been working on. There may be a few more in the days to come:


  1. I don't quite understand. You took some of your pictures of the library with fictional characters. Then you printed them at snapshot size and posted them around the library, near their "homes?" If I have that right, I guess I don't understand what today's pictures are meant to show. Though I do especially like the one of the girl riding a broom.
    You sometimes make me wish, a little bit, that I hadn't moved away.

    1. NO, you got it perfectly. These pictures are just grist for the mill, new pictures to put out in the library. For instance Hagrid there, at the top picture, is sitting to the left of a table in our library that now has the picture of Hagrid sitting next to the table.

      I might have muddied the waters here.


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