Friday, November 5, 2021

The calendar email

Yesterday I made mention of an "All Staff" email about calendar ordering that was twelve times longer than it needed to be.

The interest in this email has been feverish. Feverish!

In deference to my readers I include the full text of said email below:

Hi everyone,

Starting this year I will be taking on the important job of ordering the annual calendars from the person who orders the annual calendars. You may be thinking "That doesn't sound too hard." And it's not, until it comes to the part where one has to spell the word calendar. I mean just look at it! That's not right!
And yet it is.
But maybe you simply want a calendar and could do without all the fist shaking at the spelling gods. 
That's very professional of you. Well done.
Here's how it works.
We have a standing order, of sorts, for calendars. So if you got a calendar last year the same one is set to come your way this year. If that's what you want you don't have to do anything, although you could let me know what you regularly get so I can make sure your calendar gets to you when they come in.
If you didn't get a calendar last year and would like one this year, let me know. The choices appear to be
  1. A desktop calendar
  2. A monthly book type calendar with genuine faux leather cover
  3. A daily flip calendar
But I'm pretty sure bespoke orders will work if there is something else you have in mind.
Also I suppose that if you got a calendar last year and hated having it, and don't want it, you could let me know that too, and we can save the library dozens of dollars. Every little bit helps. I mean, I'm pretty sure we need to hire a new Children's Librarian now, don't we?
Thank you so much for taking part in this calander process, calendar prosses, calindar pr...
In Library Solidarity,

Name of position pending results of massive outsourced project

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