Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ebola in library!

As a person who regularly works in a library I have, of course, been quite alarmed by all these news reports about Ebola in the library. The CDC tries to reassure me that Ebola is not that easy to catch, and requires the transmission of bodily fluids, but that is exactly why having a plague of Ebola sweeping through libraries is so dangerous! Sometimes I do not think the purpose of library books is for reading, but rather they exist to facilitate the free passage of bodily fluids back and forth amongst strangers. When you're coming down with Ebola and are just starting to feel a bit ill, what do you do before going home and collapsing? You stop in at the library so you'll have some books to read while you're dying. And what happens when you become too sick to read anymore? The helpful neighbor who brought over a lasagna for your frightened and grief stricken family thoughtfully takes your vomit splashed books back to the library.

So I am trying to wash my hands 197 times a day.

I do know if there's one self deception we all try to live by at the library it's that these books are fine, they have no cooties. No one took them to read on the toilet. No one slept on top of them, drooling into the cover. No one fitfully read from them while battling Ebola. Normally we never refer to this underbelly of the reality of public library materials. But this is a dangerous and very deadly disease. I cannot simply sit by calmly while this Ebola in the library infects

What's that?


Ebola in Liberia, not in libraries?

Oh, sorry, never mind.


  1. I just tweeted this to Isabel.

    1. Oh good! I'm hoping it goes viral!

      Get it? Goes viral. Heh heh heh.

      Or, um, maybe that's not funny.


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