Sunday, October 5, 2014

The great blog wheel

Did you know I write a blog post every day?

Not all of them are as good as this one is so far. 

But somewhere deep in my heart I think each one will take your absolute breath away. Nevertheless the Internet can be ever so quiet, and I wonder, what happened?

Sometimes I wonder and wonder, groping blindly through the universe. Sometimes I poke the Internet with a stick. Sometimes I point at the ever slumbering monster of the Internet and cry out "Look! It is so big it can see nothing!"

Sometimes I am steady, and I think "Here, I will tell them this. They will like this."

Sometimes I make up everything, I dream into the silence. You have wandered into a dream.

I think you know this and that is why you are quiet. For what decent person will stomp around in their boots when they walk through a dream. Shh.

Every day I do something different here and everyday I do something the same. Today I have a secret to share:

Every artist in the world, even me, will say that we are not telling you what to do, but that is our lie. That is the lie that lets us carry on.

Every artist is telling you what to do. We struggle only to hold in our hands the resignation that you will not do it.

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