Monday, June 20, 2016

Sick joke

I'm afraid that for today I have written a sick joke. And not only is it a sick joke, but it uses an inappropriate, not really politically correct word. I could have subbed that word out, but just find it funnier with it in. I mean, funnier in a sick way.

I'm not kidding. It's a warning. If you don't like sick jokes you might want to move on for today. There's still time, but if you're going to go, go now.

Why a sick joke?

I blame the heat. It's just so hot.

How hot is it?

It's so hot that when I go out to my car it's full of dead babies and retarded dogs.



  1. Oh good lord,honey, the heat really does spoil you. Doesn't your library have a root cellar or some such you can work in?

    1. I have been repeatedly informed that this joke is not funny. This is at least nice and sympathetic about it.

      I wish there was a root cellar! Or, there actually is, in a way, for a bunch of computery things. I'm not allowed down there and I am also not permitted to store my onions down there, which would be handy and keep them from sprouting.

  2. Perhaps you might consider secluding yourself away for the summers. Maybe one of those caves hewn deep into the bluffs above the river. You could emerge only in the deep night to snatch and devour the innocent fishes!

    1. I am most alarmed by myself when I cower from the sun hissing about it burning and watching.

      Fisssh? Nice juicy fishes?


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