Monday, December 14, 2020

Effing unbelievable



You may encounter a small amount of mild, entirely necessary swearing in the description of one of the systems my library uses in this blog post. 

Reader discretion is advised.

So you won't fucking believe this shitty system at my fucking library. We fucking keep books that people requested alphabetically by the first two goddamn letters of their last name, then the first goddamn letter of their first fucking name. So, Feldenstein Calypso would be held under CA F, maybe because I like coffee so much. Or Jesus Fucking Christ would be under CH J because the middle name is fucking ignored.

Got it?

Well what do you fucking do if someone's name has a goddamn fucking embarrassing three-letter code? Fuck! I had a fucking kid, I mean, shit, a kid! whose last name was Ashton, true goddamn story, and his first fucking name was Sheldon. 

Goddammit! That's fucking awful. Our shitty system puts a fucking bookmark in every one of his goddamn fucking books that says:

No, it's too awful. I'm too polite to mention it here in print.


  1. I remember this phenomenon from my days of dealing with requested books. Mostly I found it amusing, with a small dose of feeling bad for the person so carelessly named.
    For a brief time I had a boss named Fuchs. That was interesting, too.


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