Thursday, December 17, 2020

Simple pleasures





What kind of thing is this to enjoy? 

And yet I did. One takes one's pleasures where one can on the Internet, and at work, and in the course of mundane tasks.

I was ordering some hooks for the library. These are the stick-on kind, known as Command Hooks. They're made by 3M, which is a local company. We use these hooks for, well, odd things, two things really. We use them to hang cords from, and we use them for our prodigious Pothos plants as their tendrils wind along the walls of the back room of the library. The Pothos keep growing, and growing, and growing. Thus the hooks, which we keep having to buy more of.

On Amazon, in the advertising display for Command Hooks, it features a prominent FAQ. The first question is:

Can I use Command General Purpose Hooks to hang jackets, backpacks, purses and wreaths?

The answer follows:

Yes. Follow all package instructions and check product details for weight capacity of each hook. For reference: a 16 oz bag of coffee weighs one pound, 

Let me interrupt here to say this is where it starts to get good; where they tell us that a 16 oz bag of coffee weighs one pound, but, okay, maybe some of us don't understand about ounces. But here's the part that really thrilled me:

For reference: a 16 oz bag of coffee weighs one pound, a standard 3 lb bag of apples weighs three pounds, and a standard bag of potatoes weighs five pounds. 

Yes, it's where they tell us that a three pound bag of apples weighs three pounds. 

Oh really? Three pounds is three pounds? That's crazy.

But are they sure?

Have they measured the three pounds in... pounds?

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