Sunday, February 20, 2022

Short stories


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But I have seen "words" and am eager to say:

It really does depend upon the words in question.

As regularly happens over the course of a month of photography I am left with an assortment of pictures that I am pleased with, but that don't fit with any narrative I have to share with you. I cannot, for instance, bear to carry on talking yet again about copses, nevertheless I still have one or two more copse pictures burning a hole in my pocket. 

Are these copse pictures worth a thousand words?

Maybe not the first thousand words on the subject of copses, but probably the third or fourth thousand words?

And so it is with another picture or two or three or four of Winter ice, another of a stream, another of a creek dried out in Winter, one of a local nuclear explosion, and all the assortment otherwise I herewith present to you.

Which is to say:

Surely each of them are worth a thousand words,

But I will not say which thousand words.

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