Friday, February 4, 2022

Winter Olympic Photography: Preliminary Rounds


Winter Olympic Photography?

Oh, no, you thought pictures of the Winter Olympics? 

No, this is competitive photography as an event in the Winter Olympics.

Possibly unsanctioned.

You see, I was watching early rounds of Women's Olympic Hockey, prevaricating on whether to go out for my walk in the minus nine degree temperatures, when I reflected:

These Olympic athletes have struggled and suffered so much to get where they are, so maybe in their honor I can too.

So I swaddled all up in so many clothes I could barely move and I waddled outside with my camera. My camera was nervous about the cold so I kept it under my jacket, next to my heart. I made my way to the golf course, which in the extremity of Winter becomes something of a small, lonely wilderness.

No one was there. The cold air hurt my nose as I breathed. And I found a beautiful desolate wasteland.

I began competing immediately!

How did I do?

Well, due to Covid Protocols there were no other contestants.

And no judges.

And no viewers.

So it's a little hard to say.

Still, I like to think I finished in the top three.

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