Saturday, July 29, 2023

Squeezing the last ones in


This morning I shared a picture and said I liked it so much I would give it the whole day all to itself, but I didn't quite make it. Nevertheless I respectfully waited until 11:30 in the evening. 

Here's what happened.

From where I am writing, actually in the first afternoon of my vacation, sitting at my computer drinking a large Aperol Spritz, I finally finished this picture and posting project you are yet in the middle of. In the course of some 30 plus posts, I have steadily populated clerkmanifesto for your entertainment and edification in a way that covers the next nine days. I was satisfied.

And then to my horror I realized I had some leftover pictures.

I could have figured any pictures I had left probably weren't that great if I hadn't bothered to post them after so many opportunities. But having carefully winnowed down my pictures to begin with I had from the start vowed to post all of them!

And so I resolved to find some unused corner of my vacation posting project and put them all there.

This is that corner!

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