Saturday, September 9, 2023

The future

We are living in the idealized nostalgia of the future. To someone fifty years from now we are experiencing the thrilling, unreproducible charms of an era that can never be replaced. Fifty years from now people are chatting and one person is saying "I would kill to live in the mid twenties; Taylor Swift! Free water! The state of Florida!"

They don't know the state of Florida isn't all that great. They just know it existed. Which is awesome. And they have a point: existing is kind of amazing, albeit easily taken for granted since everything everywhere is... already doing it.

Fifty years from now someone will say to you: "Wait, you read the actual clerkmanifestos, as they were written?"

And you'll get super humble and proud and say, "You know about clerkmanifesto?"

And they'll respond "No. You must have misheard me because you are pretty old."

And you'll think "Back when we had Florida people were slightly nicer."

Maybe we were, maybe we weren't. You'll be nostalgic too.

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