Saturday, April 6, 2013

Update on Clerking at Large!

If you look a post or two down from here you will see my plans to shop all day and post about my encounters with clerking at large in my city. Well, I have returned with 6 pages of notes, 6 pages! I have to admit they are pocket notebook sized pages, but I am about to tear the lid off of clerking in this town! Or, er, I would be tearing the lid off, except everyone was pretty nice, so you might not want to get too excited, just, you know, moderately excited. You could definitely get moderately excited. Meet me back here maybe later tonight, probably for part one (6 pages! I know what I said about pocket notebook, but 6 is a lot and I wrote small), if not tonight, certainly by tomorrow morning. But I'm not one of those blogger types to encourage you to now get fresh air. If you want to sit here for the next ten hours hitting the refresh button I'm good with that. As you wish.

Oh, and I'll write a bit more about this, but if you want to comment or communicate with me through comments I would be ridiculously delighted. If you don't want your comment posted publicly for any reason  just say "please don't post" or some such thing. I support shyness everywhere! I have to approve posts before they show up anyway to prevent shoe ads and unsolicited post-modern novels and that sort of thing from just appearing in the blog and taking us all off topic.

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