Saturday, April 20, 2013

The attic of my blog

I have decided to find some place on my blog to store old things that are being changed. For instance, I thought I would try changing my masthead today, but that it might be nice to keep my original one that has up to now been featured prominently on my blog for more than a year and a half. It's too late to save all my early "What's on the free food table at the library" entries, or so many of my sidebar changes, but I can live with that. The fact is that I would be fairly astonished to find any reader so avid or thoroughly exploring as to find this entry anyway. I am just a bit of a pack rat and so like the idea of a storage space.

That said I have had to take over a very old post. But it was merely informational and so suitable to just leave here as is. It is still entirely relevant.

I will do my best to label things.

Original Post:

I have rolled out another in my family of websites. You can see it on your right or go here. It is the Wiki Magenta stories, which, if you're interested, you could read a tiny bit about there, but mostly now it's the first of the short detective stories about a small blue haired girl. Since I'm talking about this I will mention that you can also link to my cartoons over there too as I am still regularly posting new (but old) stuff. And there's the writing page too.

I now return you to our regularly scheduled blog, which is about Libraries! And Clerking!

Original Masthead:

 Just about anyone can Cook or Write or Read or whatever people do that they blog about, but can anyone Clerk? Um, apparently. I think that's why it doesn't pay much and the quality varies. But can anyone blog about Clerking? Would they want to? I don't know. I'll try. I'm a clerk at Large Suburban Library that I dare not name, and this, this is my blog!

What's new on my blog expired sidebar posts:

Will be revamping the "Here by accident..." landing page to require trackers injected into bloodstream. Other improvement still delayed.

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