Friday, April 19, 2013

Tortoise and the Hare Clerking: Part the Second

This is a running series of Tortoise and the Hare comparisons of the different stations of my job. If you missed it see my introductory blogpost for more explanation. But, briefly, it is a cross comparison of how these aspects of my job respectively suit the slow and steady worker and the volatile sprinter/loafer worker. Hey! I took, like, 2 long paragraphs to just say that in part 1! Eventually when this blog hits it big we'll hire a really good editor. 

Anyway, this is part 2.

Station 2, Shelving:

With its non time sensitive, methodical nature I was inclined to say this one suits the tortoise best, but something about its anonymity and isolation tips things surprisingly far back to the hare. On the downside the hare at his or her worst will still drift off to restless meandering, reading, breaks, more breaks, and invented or genuine "other" responsibilities. But the hare at his or her best, isolated and with far fewer distractions than usual, may just find that the best outlet for their restless, race car energy is, yes, shelving. And they may tear ferociously through 3 or 4 or 5 carts just to prove they can. This is an amount of shelving it could take a not-at-their-best tortoise days and days to match. This is because, in isolation, these tortai are prone to descend into a deep rhythm theta wave steadiness wherein a time lapse camera is required to show their precise and beautiful movements, like those movies one sees of plants growing. Of course, there's nothing like a good tortoise, book after book, day after day, for getting those endless cart loads back up on the shelves.

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