Saturday, September 7, 2013

Like other things

A few days ago my colleague, Dave, who, for some reason I'm not clear on, is my only colleague I freely name on this blog, brought to my attention the tagline of a book or DVD he came across while emptying a bin: "Like Downton Abbey, but with magic!"  We thought this was pretty amusing. It had been a very long day and we were very eager to be amused. Perhaps what seemed amusing is that "magic" seemed so antithetical to the essential nature of Downton Abbey, and so made its eagerness of association especially desperate and silly seeming. But who knows, there are only so many kinds of things around, and much is like much else. Perhaps it pretty much is Downton Abbey, but with magic. I myself have always fancied that this blog is a lot like Don Quixote, only in English, and Non-fiction, and in blog form. For the record though, I'm not saying Dave is anything like Sancho Panza. You can draw your own analogies here. Since I'm not selling this with taglines, you'll have to.


  1. Much like your namesake, this blog is a bewitching, gorgeous demi-goddess who waylays any world weary worrior who is cast away onto her enchanted island.
    In fact I must confess that I fantasized you to be such a creature since I myself am a very straight and butch manly guy. Perhaps simple denial helped to gloss over your spousal references and so now it is time to set adrift again. Farewell Calypso

  2. What was the movie? I think I would like something that was like Downton Abbey but with magic...(The only thing I can think of that even slightly fits that description is "From Time to Time"...also by Julian Fellowes)

    1. I never actually saw the thing, just had the tagline read out to me, so I'll ask Dave and report back.

    2. Sadly, I have asked Dave, who said "I have no idea." He held firmly to this through a thorough grilling, could not even recall whether it was a dvd or a book, and when he saw me writing this asked "Do you have to quote me directly."

    3. Thank you for the effort. I appreciate it.


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