Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday schedule

On Sundays I work at the library sometimes. To be precise I work Sunday every other week. Today, for instance, I don't work, so next week I do. I also work every other Friday and Saturday. I always work the Friday and Saturday together, but those are always opposite the Sunday I work. So, to clarify, I am working for four days, off then for one day, on for two days, off one day, on three days, followed by three days off, and then I repeat it all in sequence. It's only confusing if you're really really wishing I'd move on to the interesting parts of this blog post, which, spoiler alert, never happens. On the other hand, if a person works a schedule such as this for a few decades it becomes like second nature and one hardly ever wakes up wondering "Wait, so do I work today?"

So, I have today off. Except, confusingly, I am writing this on a Tuesday, which is a day I always work, except when I am sick or on vacation. I am not sick or on vacation. I am only pretending today is Sunday in the guise of being a blogger. I don't pretend that any days are other than that which they are when I'm working. And I don't pretend that I am working when I am blogging. So even though I work every day on my blog, it's not work, just a very, very, very involving hobby, and even though I do it every day I can pretend any day is any day, so on, say, Tuesday, I can only work at my job for Tuesday and I pretty much have to, but I can blog in advance for the following Sunday, and Monday and Tuesday too for that matter. Of course, that would take a lot of work, except it should be noted that that is not work, it's a hobby. But then, if I did all that work, the work that's not work, on that following Sunday, which is also known as "today", even if it's Tuesday, I can then not work on my blog, and I can also not work at the library, even though my blog will still be being worked on in the sense that this appears out of the firmament only now, Sunday, with the brick laying of each word happening before your eyes here, though, remember, it is not work.

This explains how, though beads of sweat have formed on my forehead as I've endeavored desperately to explain this, I am actually lounging about right now.

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