Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dentists vs. Library

I'm at the Dentist. My teeth are clean and doing pretty well. My wife's appointment followed mine so I sat in the waiting area and read the Olympic Curling news in the St. Paul Paper. I was pouring over it with great interest.

After awhile someone from the reception desk came over. "Uh, excuse me." They said. "Are you here waiting for someone, or are you, uh, waiting to see someone for an appointment?"

"No." I replied. "I just seek out random suburban Dentist offices to hang out at and read their newspapers."

I didn't really say that, though they were mere inches from deserving it...

Although on the other hand maybe they're on to something, and I should try it when I'm working at the library later tonight. "Uh, hi. Are you here to read our books, or use our computers, or study or something?"

"I'm looking through these books I picked out. I might check some of them out."

"Oh, okay, um, fine, good. Carry on. I just wanted to make sure you weren't just here to, uh, just..."

"Oh, no. Nothing like that."

"Good, good. I mean, though, not that you're not allowed to."


  1. Would you even be financially able to loiter at a suburban dentist's office if you weren't raking in cash from your library's curling racket?
    Asking for a friend...

    1. Well, I think we can be honest here... No. I couldn't. I am struck by your interest in this and am thinking of opening a Southern arm of my Curling Racket. Are you interested in a franchise? You too could spend your days lolling about in Suburban Dentist offices!

  2. So, let's be straightforward here. I work the downriver circuit. What's your take?


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