Friday, February 23, 2018

My curling triumph

My small obsession with Olympic Curling met its mighty triumph this week. I hardly dared to dream...

But first let me set the stage:

Overflowing with Olympic Curling Spirit I put together an elaborate curling pool at my place of employ, the library. There was a big curling box, a two dollar entry fee, a blind pick of one of the teams, could be either in men's or women's, and a careful tracking of results and whose team was whose. I discussed curling with all my co-workers, frequently detailing the rules, and I probably have explained how the progression of the tournament plays out more than a dozen times. Luckily you probably already know as it would be a fair bit of typing here. I commiserated as people's teams floundered and failed to make the semis, and I rejoiced in other participant's sometimes surprising triumphs.

But all along while people were positive and even interested I always felt that I carried that interest. I always felt that it was my curling obsession, and the others went along for the amusing diversion.

Then, one day, with my team the Danish Men already well out of it, the tournaments were edging up to the playoffs (the gold medal games are this weekend). Of course I was aware of the thrilling tie-breaker game between Men's Switzerland and Great Britain (the ninth end of that tie-breaker will surely go down as one of the great moments of this Olympics, or, I should say, its greatest sadly unheralded moment), but Curling was far from my mind as I went to the library back room on some work related mission. I hardly could've imagined what I saw:

There, glory of glories, were my co-workers, all on their own, gathered round the computers, feverishly checking up on the Curling results.

It was easily worth the ten dollars I could have won if the Danish team was better, though, admittedly, they would have had to have been vastly, incredibly better.

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