Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Tempting fate

We might as well tempt fate. Our loss is written in the stars. No politeness or quiet is going to let us escape notice...

And with that let me tell you about my victories, if I could just find them amongst all this... stuff.

Family? No. Most certainly, absolutely, no. No.

Fame and Worldly Success? They say it's overrated. I wouldn't know from personal experience, nor have I met or talked directly to any of them.

Money? I would say I'm on average a "five"; "eight" in spending, "two" in acquiring.

Work? I love my work! Oh, you mean the kind that anyone pays anything at all for? Absolutely anything. Uh. Um. I am a clerk. I have four managers. Four. I hope that answers the question adequately.

Disposition? Bracing, bitter, with a keenness for being sad and sitting on the couch. See above listings.

Health? I have no deep complaints, yet, but I am sitting here with my fourth cold of the Winter, and my back hurts half the time.

Spirituality? I like the flowers, but am nevertheless mad at god about 90 percent of the time.

But what is today?

Yes, that.

I won everything one can win.

I would trade nothing.

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