Wednesday, March 28, 2018

How about we change the names

I was putting some books in order when a branch manager from some other building in our library system came through. Acquainted as I am with most people around here we exchanged pleasantries. Then this person, er, Paul, Paul Lewis, who is over on the witty side of things, asked "And how's the blog? Have you written anything inappropriate lately that would get you in tons of trouble? I'm asking for a friend."

This was kind of amusing so I answered "Well, I did put out a rather incendiary piece recently called Paul Lewis, Branch Manager."

"That sounds fascinating." He said with appropriate breathlessness.

"It's 600 pages." I added.

"Long, but there's a lot to explore there."

But what I thought was: "Hmm, I guess I'd better not write any blog posts about Paul Lewis."

And yet oddly, 45 minutes later, that's exactly what I find myself doing.

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