Friday, November 2, 2018

Sure, vote

Early voting is going on at my library all week, and people are pretty into it. There have been some long lines, a great deal of interest, and a generalized sense that it's all very important. And everyone is so circumspect about the whole thing, like the voting is the thing, not so much what is being voted for. Everyone can agree that voting is very important. Get out there and vote. Everyone says so. Did you vote? Good for you.

It's like we're playing at Democracy.

As far as I'm concerned if you want people to vote just make them vote. You can even do it in some stupid, idiosyncratic American way, like, you get 500 dollars for voting. There's your hundred percent turnout right there. And so, according to this scheme, if you're 16 or older you vote. It doesn't matter if you're in jail, or the hospital, or Katmandu. Voting is not a privilege, or a responsibility. It's 500 dollars! Get in there.

And as for all this happy get out there and vote stuff. C'mon. Who thinks that? Of course it's all very nice if you've thought critically about the issues, came to conclusions, and voted. But almost half these people are voting Republican. There's no virtue in that. Seriously, there just... isn't. Can't they hate Immigrants, Blacks, Jews, Women, poor people, themselves, and Muslims quietly at home?

Well, no, I guess 500 dollars is 500 dollars. 

At least I couldn't fault them for that.

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