Saturday, November 10, 2018

Top ten items on this list

Why, you may wonder, has it been so long since I have done a top ten list on this blog?

There are ten reasons I no longer do top ten lists on this blog.

1. They are too easy!

As a master blogger I find I have to challenge myself. A funny, easy to read list of ten items might be a pleasure to you, but for me it leaves me feeling unrecognized for my genius. Whereas if I write something weird, complicated, and difficult, my persistent obscurity seems a creation of my own willful obstinacy.

2. Their glib, giddy nature causes me to let my guard down and speak too frankly.

Did you read the explanation for item 1? That was an earful, eh?

3. No matter how good one is doing, one always comes to item three on the list, a mountain still to climb ahead, all one's best work so quickly in the past.

No explanatory content for this one. Don't you think it's self explanatory. I was thinking it was self explanatory.

4. I'm in this weird, creative eclipse.

I plod on waiting for some reconfigured vision to burst from my heart, but in the meantime, if I could come up with ten list items I'd probably better turn them into ten blog posts.

5. Item five always ends up being just a pale echo of item 3.

Did you read item three? Did you just discard it as an item on a top ten list? You might want to rethink that. It was a high water mark.

6. I'd forgotten how freeing it is.

It's funny no one reminded me. Might I direct your attention to our comment section.

7. I'd misplaced my chart on how to space things.

Is it one line between the numbered item and the explanation, with three spaced lines to the next number? Does it matter? 

Yes it matters! Of course it matters!

8. Ten is a lot.

Ask any nine year old. No, seriously, ask any nine year old because I don't know any and I'd like to know if I got this number eight more or less correct and I feel they'd be insightful.

9. (Eaten by seven)

10. What's the point. I could never come up with ten items for a top ten list these days anyway.

Wait. Seriously? This, this is ten? Why, I am deeply moved! What a journey. Thank you. Thank you all!

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