Monday, March 11, 2019

Big storm

A big storm is coming!

In a Winter full of big storms it is a BIG STORM.


So they say.

We've all been talking about it at my library for days. Those of us who work Saturdays were pitied by those who don't because we have to contend with the gigantic storm. Those who don't work this Saturday exulted and tried not to be unseemly about it. I work on Saturday. As I write it is Saturday. I am going to have to drive home in a Blizzard. Oh it is going to be terrible! There could be a foot of snow! 

If only it would start snowing.

It keeps not snowing, and it makes me very tense!

For two solid days the library has been insanely busy. The patrons have been talking about the giant snow too. And they have all been coming to the library to take care of business while they still can, and to stock up for the BIG STORM. Only the storm keeps on not coming and their houses are so chock full of library items that they've stocked up on that they have to come back to the library and return some while they still can. But they better get some stuff while they're here because, seriously, there is a big storm coming!

So we are very busy. The library is crammed with people. And they are all so exhausted because they have been preparing for this storm for days. Many of them have prepared for this storm four times now!

They are really prepared, and yet they're all here preparing again.

And the preparing won't stop. It can't stop until...

Is that a snowflake?

Please God, let it be a snowflake.

Because we can't take it anymore.

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