Wednesday, March 20, 2019

I am funny

One of the items we circulate in the children's room of my library are storybags. These are big zippered bags with a couple of picture books and a toy or a puppet or stuffed animal. These can't be returned on our big automatic check in machine, and so I had one handed in to me at the front desk. I checked it in and brought it to the back room to put on a shelving cart. For the momentous nonsense of it I announced to the back room person that I had a storybag. She, being well acquainted with all things children's room, asked "Which one is it?"

"Oceans." I replied.

"Oh, what's the toy in that one?"

"A stuffed George Clooney." I said.

"That's funny." She said.

It's really an octopus.

Later I was registering a couple who moved into the area for two new cards. One of them was in the system with an old late charge from a book returned more than a decade ago. Before waiving what was functionally an expired late fine I asked if they'd like me to find a copy of the book so they could read it again.

"You're funny." One of them said. 

There are, I have noticed, two kinds of funny; one where people tell you you're funny, and one where they laugh.

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