Friday, November 20, 2020

Twain squared

Yesterday some Twain quotes came up in my daily post. There were dozens of Twain quotes actually, because Twain was one of the greatest quoters ever. He was so good at quoting that people regularly ascribe quotes to Twain that Twain never said just cause it's so convenient and believable that anything clever ever said was said by Twain.

Twain once said:

"Half of what I said I never said, but it's okay because the other half I did say and it's just as good."

Well, he might have said that if he stuck around long enough.

And was a little vain.

And wasn't particularly good at quotes.

I said that there were dozens of Twain quotes in my post yesterday, and there were. But I ended up deleting all but one of them in producing my final essay. Often when I start delving into Twain quotes I get tempted just to start telling you them one after the other. This might be a little like how when someone you're chatting with mentions a favorite TV show, and you tell them you've never seen it, and soon they're telling you the plots of their 11 favorite episodes. Which never works out like anyone hopes it will. 

But you didn't come here for Twain quotes, you came here for

Actually, what did you come here for?

Not that I'm not thrilled to have you.

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